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Live Flights

Flight #OrigDestAircraftB.TimeProgressStatusPilot
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Latest Pilot Reports

Flight #OrigDestAircraftB.TimeDistLanding RatePilot
XQ 9091LTAILTBJTC-SMF (B38M)00:48415 km-91.33 ft/minAdem B
XQ 7631LTAFLTAITC-SEO (B738)00:49421 km-86.35 ft/minAdem B
XQ 7710LTAILTAFTC-SEO (B738)00:46412 km-52.97 ft/minAdem B
XQ 9090LTBJLTAITC-SOJ (B38M)00:48391 km-85.74 ft/minAdem B
XQ 551EBBRLTAITC-SOG (B738)03:192680 km-149.01 ft/minMario B
XQ 9091LTAILTBJTC-SOJ (B38M)00:46391 km-28.35 ft/minAdem B
XQ 7631LTAFLTAITC-SNR (B738)00:47421 km-2.35 ft/minAdem B
XQ 7710LTAILTAFTC-SNR (B738)00:47412 km-35.35 ft/minAdem B
XQ 9090LTBJLTAITC-SEO (B738)00:49408 km-87.91 ft/minAdem B
XQ 827LQSALTBJTC-SEO (B738)01:571203 km-100.84 ft/minAdem B

Latest Pilots

Ident Name Flights State
SXS8286 Alexander M 0 Active
SXS8281 cagan 0 Active
SXS8280 Ilya K 0 Active
SXS8279 Sam D 0 Active
SXS8276 Gorkem S 0 Active

Latest Applications

Ident Name State Application
SXS8287 Emil S Pending 2 days ago
SXS8285 Maurice B Pending 2 days ago
SXS8284 Tuna A Pending 4 days ago
SXS8283 Tuna A Pending 4 days ago
SXS8282 Emir Taha G Pending 4 days ago

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